ANGUISH- Wil’s Story Second Book


Anguish-Wil’s Story, the sequel to Deadly Passion.
Wil’s been tormented for years after a failed mission costs him the lives of his team members.
Blaming himself for the lives lost and pain the families have endured. Hellish nightmares invaded his sleep each night, reliving that deadly night in Afghanistan.
His life takes an unexpected turn, when now, as a Homicide Detective. He is called in to help with a triple murder, he finds himself falling fast and hard for his new partner, Sarah Knight. Trying to escape his past, sleep deprivation, and trying to solve the case, he finally succumbs to his feelings.
Sarah steals his heart, fills it with peace and a longing he’s never allowed himself to experience. Hopeful he might become whole once again. Wil’s life is ripped apart, when he’s unable to save Sarah from falling off a rooftop during a scuffle with a suspect.
The voices start back up in his mind, “You couldn’t save your team and now look at Sarah, you claim to love her, and yet you couldn’t save her either. You don’t deserve happiness.”
Haunted with memories and nightmares, Wil takes it upon himself to go on a code RED mission, in desperation to prove to himself he can do his job and save the life of a Brother in Arms.
While Wil is overseas in Pakistan, things back home start to change, things happen, truth comes out. Unaware of the changes back Stateside, Wil throws himself into his mission. When the time of extrication comes, the unthinkable happens, can Wil handle the outcome? Will he make it home and find peace?

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